Saturday, April 25, 2020

Saturday, April 25, 2020, Andrew J. Reis


DACAPO, it seemed like this puzzle would be easier for me than others this week and that proved to be the case, although I did have a brush with FWOEness. I was stuck on one square at the cross between "Chi-Town exchange" and "Cooler." I put the puzzle down for a few to go for a walk, and when I looked at it again, the prison-based meaning of "Cooler" popped in to my brain, and I was able to finish with a flourish of the PEN. :) I still don't know what MERC is, but it seemed plausible *and* it was correct, so I WON that one. :)

My favorite answer today was for "Relief pitcher of old." At first, I was silently cursing my lack of sports knowledge, but the answer was ROLAIDS. Ha-larity and excellence all rolled into one. And no need for a question mark because the clue was perfectly apt. Apt! "Text massage" was also fun, especially as a clue for the old chestnut EDIT. Similarly, "Attorney's favorite dessert?" for TORTE was in very good taste. And "Flight simulator" (STAIRMASTER) is some high level cluing - not to mention the nice hidden capital in "Met demand, maybe" (ARIA). Bravo!


While I'm at it, ISLE also mention the ADEPT use of ambiguity in the following clues:
"Creep" - is it a noun or a verb? - verb! - (TIPTOE)
"Split up" (APART) - see above, same question, different answer!
"Silver for one" (NATE) - although this one didn't fool me, it could have.
"Fly catcher" (MITT)
"What one might be represented by" (INDEXFINGER) - ha!
"Hot" (STOLEN)
"Swindle" (ROOK)
And, "Help to hold up, say" (ABET) - criminally good!

It's Saturday, so all bets are off, but I did think "City whose name means 'eagle' in Russian" (OREL) was a WHIT on the esoteric side, but it was gettable, as my completed puzzle can ATTEST. I feel a bit of an ASS for even mentioning it because I enjoyed the rest of the puzzle so much, but as a reviewer, could ILIE?



  1. 7:53
    I liked the shape of this grid, with three intersecting 15-letter answers, and that vertical stack in the middle. I too loved INDEXFINGER and STAIRMASTER. I had put Omsk in for OREL, incorrectly thinking that the city itself had to be in Russia, but no go. Fortunately I corrected all before finishing.

  2. 27:42
    Normal Saturday time for me. I tried mArE for 21A Silver, for one, thinking of the Lone Ranger, but corrected it with crosses. I've never tried, nor am I likely to, CINCINNATICHILI, but it's nice that it crosses ROLAIDS. I'm not familiar with the terms JUKEBOXMUSICALS or TIGERMOTHER, but both were fine, and I enjoyed the musical terms: DACAPO, MOLTO, MIC, ARIA, TAPE and the aforementioned JUKEBOXMUSICALS. I don't know of this MERC either, and entered MEnu off of the ME__ before it was repaired.