Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday, April 30, 2020, Caitlin Reid


Welcome to The Turn! I've been looking forward to this part of the week ever since reviewing Sunday's puzzle (titled "Turn, Turn, Turn"). And today's puzzle certainly did not disappoint.

I am excited to say that the very first square I entered was the rebus at 1A/1D. I looked at 1A: Pirates, say ([BOOT]LEGS) and thought, hmmm. That looks like it should be something along the lines of "steals," but that doesn't fit. Then I looked at 1D: Rigorous training courses, and immediately thought [BOOT]CAMPS, but that didn't fit either. And the other shoe dropped, as it were.

Aha! I thought to myself. I've figured out the rebus so quickly. I'll finish this puzzle in no time at all. The revealer in the center came in time, at 35A: Goal-scoring opportunities in soccer ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme (CORNERKICKS), which reinforced that I was going great guns. Then I hit the SW corner. "Boot" no longer worked.

Okay, okay, so you've all got it by now. Each corner square is a rebus filled with a kind of footwear, also known to the young 'uns as "kicks." I liked the SE the best, with LEMON[WEDGE] (mmmmm... lemons...) and 62A: Bunker need (SAND[WEDGE]), which is a nice misdirecting clue.

Meanwhile, look at all of the lovely fill we get today. 35D: University of Oregon logo (CAPITALO) made me stare for a while before I parsed it correctly. I love 30D: Affectionate nose-rubbing (ESKIMOKISS), and 27D: In which nothing is everything (NIHILISM) is just a perfect pairing of clue and answer.

You know you're going to love a puzzle when AAMILNE finds his way in, in his entirety. ANIMAL and MINERAL were a nice pair as well.

Anyway, overall a lovely offering from Ms. Reid. Nicely done.

- Colum


  1. I was hoping that "vegetable" would be another answer, but well two out of three ain't bad, I suppose.

    And I don't know if it is gauche to mention something related to what one of my podcasts calls "the C word" but I did marvel at someone who might cram into a subway car like a SARDINE. "Oh I remember back when that happened. When we were less worried about AEROSOLS".

    I wasn't familiar with this meaning of "kick" but well it is in some dictionaries (I checked Merriam Webster).

  2. 29:11
    This took me slightly -- ever so slightly -- longer than Colum to finish up, but I got there eventually. Oddly, the rebus [BOOT] was my final entry. I say "oddly," because I attended one of our nation's services' [BOOT]CAMPS, albeit a little while ago now (1984). SIMCITY took a few crosses, as I've never played that, but my time notwithstanding, I really didn't have many slowdowns. Quite an enjoyable puzzle. NIHILISM was a surprise, but as Colum mentions, a pleasant one. I never enjoy a subway particularly, but I always use them as much as possible when visiting a city because they're marvels and quite a bargain.