Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday, April 27, 2020, Ed Sessa


Hello, faithful readers! I'm feeling a rush of gratitude today for being able to share this little corner of the internet with each of you. Something to take one's mind off of the burdens of the day, whether they're big, like, say, a pandemic, or small, like stubbing your toe. I wonder what you might call an instant of awakening like that?

Well, anyway, since nobody has come up with an appropriate phrase to describe that lightbulb going off, let's talk about the theme. So the revealer is AHAMOMENT, which is literally taken here to represent phrases where the first word starts with A and the second with HA. We get four strong examples today, with ANGELHAIR, ACEHARDWARE, ACCIDENTSHAPPEN, and the immortal ARSENIOHALL. I loved him in Coming to America, with Eddie Murphy.

Nothing much more to say about the theme. It's simple and well done, although you might ask why those four particular answers. It's nice to have the revealer at the end, because it does, in fact, provide its own example of itself. I had no idea why those answers were related. I thought there might be some sort of vowel progression, but didn't waste time thinking too deeply on it.

Perhaps AAH is almost a theme answer?
Filled with EPICHEROES
I enjoyed AERIALIST and ANCHORAGE. Otherwise, not much to report. Happy Monday, everyone!

- Colum


  1. I would hope a neighbor THROWSOPEN a window to catch the AROMA of all the bread we are baking. So much breas. You know how you've been having trouble buying flour at the store? Well it's at my house. Sorry, where was I? Oh a crossword. Kind of nice to see SCAR clued with something other than The Lion King. Let's, eee, and I once had a heart THROB who had gone to school in PROVO. But I suppose my favorite is DEKE. Just because it was such an everyday word when I grew up watching hockey, and well this is probably the first time I saw the word in a long time.

  2. 4:56
    I can report a doesn't-happen-too-often-for-me sub-five for a time, although I realize that's not terribly impressive on this blog. And regarding DEKE, Mr. Kingdon, although I grew up watching the Whalers (Hartford, I think) and the Bruins (Boston) with my father, I was completely unfamiliar with the term until I started solving crossword puzzles several years ago. Now, I must say, I'm extremely familiar with it. And in the grocery store a few weeks back, I was picking up some flour when I hear a woman say "Huh, they're still out of flour!" I almost pointed out the ample supplies of flours other than all purpose bleached white flour to her, but didn't. I took my whole wheat flour and left the aisle. I thought "DOGMA" was an amusing movie, where Alanis Morissette played God. I don't believe the MAGI had roles in that one.

  3. 3:42

    Yeah, we got a couple big bags of flour just when things started to go south, and Frannie's sister and a friend of hers have each sent us yeast packets, so we're good for a little while longer.

    I'm pretty sure my gradeschool "friends" were saying DEKE way back then, but I don't use it much day to day.