Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday, September 11, 2020, Caitlin Reid and Erik Agard


When's the last time you thought of the expression SUCKEDFACE (Necked, jocularly)? Hah! When I saw it I thought "There's a GUTSY entry!" Certainly more exciting than SQUAREFEET (Apartment units) ... but "Fans of the Bible?" was a fun clue for PALMFRONDS, and two out of three ain't bad. And finishing off the Across answers in that NW section are TAKES (Perspectives) and ATEAM (Starters), both of which are solid. And did you notice that "sprite" fits nicely in where FRESCA (Alternative to 7Up) belonged? I say Sprite is closer, but FRESCA is certainly an alternative, much like a MANGOLASSI would be. Mmm.... MANGOLASSI ...

Cicely TYSON
And since we're now down in the SE, I would like to mention the clue "Get out of here!" for ESCAPEROOM. I think we need to come up with a name for this type of clue, which has become more common lately. "Spoken clue?" "Phrase clue?" "Unexpected referent clue?" (URC for short? ... )

Anybody else try MAIDENhood at 12D: Something that might be sacrificed at the altar? (MAIDENNAME). I guess if that were to have been it, the clue would have needed to be "Something that is always sacrificed ...".

My big FLAW today, if you're interested in a dreaded AUDIT, started with me not being able to give up WHite at 34D: "With 36-Down, what plasma may be removed from" (WHOLE BLOOD). CHiPS didn't seem perfect for "Talent, in slang" (CHOPS), but CASHiNHAND seemed right, and although KitA didn't seem at all good for "____ nut" (KOLA), I figured I don't know every nut there is ... In the end, maybe I hadn't had enough coffee, but I all too quickly said OHFORGETIT and looked up the answer. Sigh. 

That bit of bad luck aside, I thought this puzzle had a lot of POP. FASHIONABLYLATE (Not on time, but that's OK) was fun running through the middle, BLACKMAGIC and SLEEPYHEAD (One who's about ready to go out?) were lovely, and the only real price to pay was TARSAL. And maybe CASHONHAND. Kidding! :) 

NICELY done!

- Horace


  1. Oh, oh, call on me! I know! Call the clues like [Get out of here!] Imperative (IC) or Directive (DC). Thoroughly enjoyed this one. I tried MAIDEN HEAD before MAIDEN NAME. Just a joy all around!

  2. 8:15
    This was a delight all around, for all of the reasons mentioned above. I tried Loop for LUCK, NeatLY for NICELY, and BRoth for BRINE, all of which actually work (except in the crosses, of course).

  3. 14:54
    No problems from the YBH with this one. I didn't try anything amiss except for ahem instead of PSST at 1D, but quickly fixed it up with SUCKEDFACE, which I first heard in "On Golden Pond" many years ago. I was surprised to see that old crossword favorite ACDC on a Friday, not to mention EGAD, RAH, OAHU, ARENA and EMIR. I wasn't aware of the nickname for the BBC ("Auntie"), so that was nice trivia. All around great puzzle.