Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Tuesday, September 8, 2020, Kevin Christian and Brad Wilber


Sixty years ago today, the movie PSY/CHO was released. Starring ANTHONY PERKINS as NORMANBATES, Janet Leigh as Marion Crane, and directed by ALFREDHITCHCOCK. And I'm guessing the quote "ABOYSBESTRIEND/ISHISMOTHER" could be considered its TAGLINE. Many consider the film to be high ART.

My favorite parts of the theme are the splitting of the title into symmetrical, three-letter answers clued with asian celebrities, and that the lead character's name is given two "heads" to symbolize the split personality. That's a very nice touch. And if you follow the vertical "NOR" to the right and down it kind of spells "Norma," his mother. Not sure if that was intended, but it still works.

I saw the film long ago, and did not immediately love it. I'm not a fan of slasher/horror films, preferring instead a less graphic suspense thriller like "Suspicion."

So there you have it. With such a heavy theme, other entries like MEOW and HEE-Haw seem almost jarring. And then we've got the stumps of other theme entries - RATEDR looks like it qualifies, but its symmetrical opposite is OTOOLE, and he had nothing to do with the film. 

So sure, it's a nice tribute puzzle. I suppose if you liked Psycho, you'll love it.

- Horace


  1. I love this puzzle! And I certainly didn't "love" the movie -- when I first saw it at my first babysitting job on TV, I almost ran away from my responsibilities! But this puzzle is an absolute winner.

  2. 3:46
    All I have to say is TOOTLE. We should be using this word more frequently.

  3. 6:35
    I enjoyed the movie OK. It's not Hitchcock's best, but it's always nice to see/hear the collaboration with the excellent Bernard Herrmann, whose score often added immeasurably to Hitchcock's movies. NARY a complaint from this end, but I wouldn't TOUT PSY/CHO to anyone who doesn't like that sort of thing. I suppose it's pretty tame compared to movies of the same genre made today, which I don't like at all. BRIS is terrible, but at least it's adjacent to ASSISI. SCTV was excellent.