Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tuesday, September 15, 2020, Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau


Whereas yesterday's theme is one I'd never have thought of, today's theme seems to have been just waiting for a constructor to bend over and pick it up. Four famous cartoon characters, all drawn without pants! A friend of ours likes to joke about attending Zoom meetings "Donald Duck style," but I'm not sure he ever actually has. Also, it's funny to have Alley-OOP in the grid today as kind of an anti-themer, because he wore short pants with no shirt.

I thought the four long Downs were all good today. TVLICENSE (Authority to broadcast) is something you don't think of much, and it's interesting that it means "Authority to broadcast" on this side of the ocean, but in the UK you need to purchase one as a consumer to watch TV. Or, at least that's how I understand the situation. And I always enjoy watching a pool player make a TRICKSHOT

CELLWALLS (They provide structure, biologically) brought me right back to high school Biology class, and YELLINGAT (Berating at high volume), well, I guess that would bring back worse memories if I cared to delve into it, but I don't. 

Instead, let's concentrate on other fun entries like DANK, the LOUVRE, EDNA (St. Vincent Millay), and RUBE. ("So many RUBEs!")

Lastly, I feel I should that if Frannie were blogging today, she'd surely highlight CHINESE (Like gunpowder and the seismometer, by origin), because she just started an online CHINESE course last night! 

That's all for today. See you tomorrow!

- Horace


  1. 7:21
    I'd rate the theme characters thus:
    I have never read an Alley OOP strip.

    SLOUCH is good, and I don't think I've ever seen that in a grid, but SNARER is less so, and I hope to never see that again. Yes, a TRICKSHOT is excellent when executed by a pro. I always attempt one or two when I play a regular game of eight ball, but make only around 10% of them. I do enjoy the occasional GIN but don't generally take an OREO. Has anyone been watching DREW's new daytime show?

  2. 3:37
    Simple, straightforward. I liked ALLISON Janney, an outstanding actor.

    1. Three seconds apart, two days in a row. Kind of cool. :)

  3. Eye catching one for me was LOUVRE. But then it made me think of Versailles. So I guess my brain free associates French tourist attractions.