Monday, October 5, 2020

Monday, October 5, 2020, Evan Mahnken


Today's theme was a real gas. Four common phrases that begin with words relating to states of cookedness were served up as theme answers. They began, appropriately, with RAWFOOTAGE. When things started to heat up and we got HALFBAKEDIDEAS (my favorite, and my specialty!), COOKEDTHEBOOKS, and finally BURNTUMBER. Sear-ious fun. 

I found some meaty filling in the puzzle, including FRILL, SCHEME, and TRUSS. And, whenever I encounter the word DEBRIEFS I think of my friend Rob who always adds, "not literally." TMI?!?!

Pack up your troubles... 

Was anyone else a bit surprised when "Worker for a feudal lord" turned out to be LIEGE? Perhaps I was benighted by an over-reliance on B movies set in medieval times in which courtiers address the king as "my liege," but I thought the liege *was* the lord. And it is, but when I looked it up in the dictionary, I was enlightened: the first definition of liege in many sources is vassal, or the subject of a lord. ISAIAH!

About the puzzle overall, I say, well done!



  1. Well that was a close call. I didn't know RAIMI or SIA so it is a good thing that RAaioI and SuA don't look right. That is what one would get from oAhu, although I guess now that I think about it WOEFhL doesn't work either so I guess maybe it was a slightly less close call than I claimed at first. I had already ruled out kona because that doesn't cross HAKFBAKEDIDEAS.

  2. 5:36
    I'm glad that Mr. Kingdon escaped his close call unscathed. I agree with Frannie that HALFBAKEDIDEAS is the best of the theme answers, though I do enjoy COOKEDTHEBOOKS as a close second since I have one of those MBAS. Nice puzzle, but isn't PISAN sometimes kind of an insult, or am I off about that?