Sunday, October 4, 2020

Sunday, October 4, 2020, Sam Ezersky


Today's theme is things that people sometimes, or infrequently, say beginning with "You're," clued in a way that makes them slightly funny. Take, for instance, To a cosmetician: "You're MAKINGMEBLUSH," or To a bad free throw shooter: "You're MISSINGTHEPOINT." My favorite one is the two-parter, To an aspiring entrepreneur: "You're ONLYASGOODASTHE COMPANYYOUKEEP." Apt!

In other areas, I enjoyed REBUFF (Brush off), FORGO (Give up), and the two coffee-related clues "How some like their cafĂ©" (AULAIT) and "How some like their coffee" (STRONG). 

For me, this played harder than many Sunday puzzles have recently, possibly because there were several names I did not know - DRBOB (Physician who co-founded A.A., familiarly), TAMA Janowitz, JOEL (Book before Amos), SHANYU (Villain in 1998's "Mulan"), MOMOA, OSAKA, ALI Wong, and I've never heard anyone call Atlanta ATOWN. Also, I've never heard anyone call one ball and one strike ONEONE without putting an "and" in the middle. And Taylor Swift's first #1 country hit? That needed crosses.

I liked "It's against the rule" for ANARCHY, and "Clicking sound" for AHA was nice.

Once more (since I was so vague the last time I let go of the reins), Frannie takes over tomorrow. I'll see you in a couple weeks. Don't forget about the Boswords Themeless League if you're interested. It's only $25 for nine Mondays of entertainment, but you need to sign up today, and then do a little registration thing before you can see the puzzles, so don't procrastinate!

- Horace


  1. 34:54
    This definitely played a little harder for me than Sunday puzzles of late. I didn't know most of the items that Horace mentions above, which is part of the reason for the long solve, although I did know ALI Wong, having watched one of her specials with Sue. The theme was amusing enough, and the solve landed right where I like it time-wise. AMITY always brings "Jaws" to mind. Of the themers, I thought that OUTOFYOURGOURD's clue was a little bit of a stretch. Nice to see OATMILK in there (big fan of Oatley, both the chocolate and full fat varieties), and HOTDATE was surprising. I think I've heard ONEONE when I watched baseball games in the distant past. I hope to get to one or two WooSox games next year, so I'll take particular note then. PORTA was funny.

  2. Can't decide whether to write a comment here or go to the freezer and get myself a cUp of ice cream, er, a TUB, except that seems like rather a lot of ice cream. Oh well, more appealing than an ICEE, at least for me, although I suppose if we are talking about sweet food items we could always compare with OREOS.

    Maybe I'm hungrier than I realized.