Saturday, October 3, 2020

Saturday, October 3, 2020, Brad Wilber and Doug Peterson


Another lovely themeless today. Ten ten-letter answers lead the way, stacked in twos and threes, all strong. Let's just list them, shall we? In no particular order:

SILKBOXERS, ONEFINEDAY, PETCARRIER, THECITADEL, VOLLEYBALL (Setter's activity) (not the dog), HUMANERROR (What robots might be used to reduce) (had "human labor" at first), ACTIONVERB (Spring or fall, e.g.) (lovely), ECOLOGICAL, ROSEPARADE, STAGENAMES (Elton John and Lady Gaga, for two). 

That's a lot of good material. 

I also like the sub theme of SCAM ARTISTS, those who HUSTLE. Like that POL REAGAN, whose "Morning in America" was a CROCK. That's right, I'm ONRECORD saying his SOPS to corporate interests should have made us early XERS say UHOH. But we were too busy laughing at LUCY and marveling at Julius ERVING's airtime that we LETT DAH ADSPEAK wash over us as if it were NORMAL for James Watt to be so abusively anti-ECOLOGICAL. I'm sorry, Dear Reader, but remembering the REAGAN era ANGERS me. 

And so now I've used up almost all the good words with my TRES SNOOTY diatribe. Maybe I should mention how weird the spelling of PHARAOH is, or how I thought the "say" at the end of the ANTELOPE (Quick buck, say) clue didn't feel quite right. 

Oh, it's ok, me HEARTIES, I just have one more review to write tomorrow, and then you get to enjoy Frannie's work for the remainder of next week. I'll just put in one more plug for the Boswords Themeless League (deadline to sign up is tomorrow!), and sign off. 


- Horace


  1. 22:54
    I had HUMANlabOR in there, too at first and was perplexed when I couldn't get those three crosses to work out. Nicely done puzzle, but I can't remember ever laughing at LUCY.