Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday, October 18, 2020, Miriam Estrin


Greetings, Dear Reader, it's Horace here, back for another week at the reins after two fine weeks of reviews from Colum and Frannie. Two weeks of fine reviews. Reviews of two fine weeks. Fine weeks by two reviewers. Any way you put it, it sounds good to me.

GERTRUDE Stein, by Picasso
And speaking of sounds, today's theme answers sound right, but ARE actually a tiny bit ARF. "Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's pet story," for example, brings to mind "The Little Prince," but the "pet story" part explains the homonym answer THELITTLEPRINTS. CUTE. And "Marcel Proust's kitchen mystery?" That's INSEARCHOFLOSTTHYME. TEHEE. And the kicker, down at the bottom, was JULIUSSEESHER ("William Shakespeare's historical romance?) OOF

There's a left-right symmetry today, and I'm wondering if anyone else noticed a central French theme? Along with the two authors mentioned above, we have yet a third in "Voltaire's sweet novel?" (CANDIED) (Candide), and then we've got ORLY (Alternative to de Gaulle) (Paris airports), NUIT (Debussy's "____ d'Étoiles"), and NOM (Follower of "Je m'appelle") (literally, "I call myself" [name]"). And F. Scott Fitzgerald was living in Paris when he began The Great Gatsby, so even TENDERISTHEKNIGHT kind of fits into this symmetrical, mini-France theme too ... I doubt all that was intentional. Still, I seem to be fond of thinking up such nonsense, and if I learned anything from Colum's week of posts, I learned to OWNIT, so there it is.

Some fine C/APs today (QMCs, all) - "What can take a punch?" (LADLE), "Goes undercover?" (SLEEPS), "Can't keep one's mouth shut?" (YAWNS), and "Call to reserve?" (LET). There are also a few connected clues: "Neutral paint color" (ECRU and FLAX), the UFO / ETS pair, and the director's cry pair - "It's AWRAP!,"  


- Horace


  1. I knew you'd like ANDSCENE. But I think it's better when the self-important actor says it.

  2. 36:44
    This took a little longer for me to solve than some recent Sundays, but it was a good one. And yes, OOF at the JULIUSSEESHER. I recently purchased a SPEEDOS for skiing purposes, but not the really short variety like some people wear around here; it's much more tasteful. I enjoyed some WASABI with a few rolls we had for one of Sue's birthday dinners on Saturday (along with sashimi and seaweed salads). Nice that it abuts SENSEI, in a way. I thought that TKOD should have an "e" in there, no? And nice quote from Einstein regarding SCIENCE.