Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday, July 15, 2016, Matt Ginsberg


I was put off by 1A today "Insincerely polite" (GREASY) (C+). (I tried "smarmy," which would have been slightly better, I think.) After that it was an uphill climb, and I'm not sure I ever got to the summit.

The mini-theme today of the different pronunciations possible for the word UNIONIZED is somewhat enjoyable. Coincidentally, a friend just told me this, in joke form, about a month ago. I also enjoyed such entries as CENSORED (11D: Like many bad words), 40D: Word repeatedly spelled out by Franklin (RESPECT) - it's amazing to me how much time I spent trying to think of aphorisms by that other Franklin - 55A: Recycling bin fill (EMPTIES) (Frannie and I both tried "plastic"), and GLACIAL (1D: Beyond slow). My favorite clue/entry was 10D: Paris fights in it (ILIAD). Nice. I also enjoyed the similarly clued FALLEN (8D: Like some angels and arches) and LACEDUP (38D: Like skates and corsets). Actually, the more I look around, the more stuff I like. Maybe I got a little higher than I thought I did...

On the blander side we have ALLINDIA (18A: Subcontinent-wide), 23A: Red stuff to cut through (TAPE) (is it just me, or does this clue seem awfully Monday-ish?), and LEASERS (21A: Many new car drivers).

Wait, I forgot to mention 31A: Gray head (LEE). No question mark! And 41A: Clubs to beat people with? (ACES). Question mark, but still cute.

So this, now, is one of those situations where I've talked myself into giving a thumbs up. Sorry, Mr. Ginsberg, about the less-than-stellar intro. It's not a "both thumbs way up" type situation, but it wasn't as bad as all that. (p.s. How did Dr. Fill do on this one?) [ed. note: There's a video of Dr. Fill completing the puzzle over on XWordInfo. And one final note, I'm glad to hear you're back working on Dr. Fill again. I, for one, will cheer if he finishes puzzle five with no errors next year!]

- Horace


  1. 13:13 (FWOE)
    I guessed EUGENIa and didn't understand 31A: Gray head (LEE) until after I changed it over. I love that clue. I felt happy about this grid all the way through. Hugh LAURIE is always a happy sight. I remember Wooster fondly, as well as his character in Sense and Sensibility, Mr. Palmer. So droll! And then LERNER, although Frannie will know that I enjoy Mr. Loewe's music so much more than the lyrics.

    And UNCLELEO! Great memories.

  2. There's no Lowe without Lerner. :) I also love Mr. Laurie. He was indeed droll as Mr. Palmer.