Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday, July 9, 2016, Josh Knapp


Really lovely puzzle today from Mr. Knapp. The triple stacks in the NW and SE are very strong and the vertical double-nines in the other corners are equally entertaining. CHILLAXED ( 32D: Hung around casually?) (ok, there, especially on a Saturday, we do not need the question mark) beside TESLACOIL (33D: It may cause sparks to fly) is excellent. DOYOUMIND (12D: "Excuse me?") with OHSUSANNA (13D: Classic folk number) - solid.

And in the middle we have such quality entries as FATSUITS (26A: Outfits for big parts?) (Hah!), 34A: Certain upper-growth limit (TREELINE), and BLACKEYE (43A: Boxing ring?) (Question mark also questionable there...). And running through all that are the colorful entries ZANZIBAR (23D: Island known for its spices) and NOSEGAYS (21D: Bouquets, quaintly). Even gluey fill like TERSER is elevated by a Hemingway clue.

1A: One might have black-and-white standards (PIRATESHIP) gets a solid A. Great clue, great fill.

The last thing I put in was the N of GREENALGAE (60A: Film about rock groups?) and that finished off the puzzle with yet another smile.

Outstanding Saturday. Loved it.

- Horace

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  1. 12:10 (FWOE)
    So why was this puzzle easier for you than yesterday's, but harder for me? Peculiar the way these things work. Brains, I guess. You never can predict them. Two really good puzzles in a row: this is why we enjoy the turn so much. My error came at the cross of IDLY and CHILLAXED. I missed the tense of the latter, and ended with an S, which clearly looked wrong to me (IsLY?!). But I moved on. And didn't fix until after I'd finished.

    What's with the sudden delight with TERSER? Two days running. All those common letters. Another interesting non-repeat came at 44D: First name on the 1970s-'80s Lakers (KAREEM), where I put eARvin. The bias of recent exposure. Turns out Magic Johnson did start his rookie year in 1979-80, so it would have worked from that point of view.

    Almost nothing I didn't like here.