Saturday, July 2, 2016

Saturday, July 2, 2016, Erin Rhode


Many times this puzzle brought a smile to my face as I filled it in, and that's a good sign. I particularly loved ICANTEVEN (13D: "This is too much"), ANDIMOUT (15A: "That's it ... too rich for me") (too bad that couldn't have been the last Across entry), EMOTICON (64A: Small show of one's feelings), and ROTGUT (29D: Poor spirits?) (Hah!). We've seen FOODCOMA (1A: Postprandial woe) somewhat frequently, it seems, but I can't really fault Ms. Rhode for that, so I'm still giving it an A-.

That's a heck of a clue for EROICA (16A: Classical record on Norman Bates's turntable in "Psycho") isn't it? Sheesh! Of course, with a couple letters it became inferable, but still...  DREDGED (28A: Brought (up), as from the distant past) is a good word, as is KIBOSH (59A: Put an end to), although one doesn't hear the latter being used as a verb very often. One generally "puts the KIBOSH" on something, one doesn't go around "KIBOSHing" things, does one?

OTTER (49A: Oyster cracker?) was fun, and "18A: Ross and Spencer" (DIANAS) took me a long while. There were a couple of clunkers - NUMBEST (44A: Most insensitive), REPAYABLE (34D: Like debts), and PASSATEST (14D: Prove one's worth) (the indefinite article definitely struck a nerve), but none of those are really actionable offenses. They're just slightly off. I'd take more points off for ENA (43A: Disney aunt), but really, there's not much wrong with this grid. I enjoyed it.

- Horace


  1. I liked this one a whole lot too. FOODCOMA may be becoming more common in puzzles, but the word "postprandial" in the clue elevated it for me. Gave me a spot of trouble too, as I wanted something more medical-sounding. Dyspepsia maybe, or at least heartburn. Also, FOODCOMA made a great opening line with FATLIP, in that both clues suggested something more formal. For "fight memento" I was thinking about something that a classical Greek hero would claim from his victim. Of course, maybe that was just me. My favorite answer was OdOr for "Somethig that may be found in a pit." I was thinking, damn, that's great, one of the boldest, most irreverent answers in a long time. Alas, it wasn't to be. BAd_MAMA didn't quite work out. "Get in the end" had potential too, until it turned out to be just NET. Horace, you didn't mention the partner of ROTGUT-- DIVES for "low bars." I know I've heard knot of TOADS before. I will now try to commit it to memory. Excellent Saturday, even though I got a large swath in right away and was deprived my "15 minutes of nothing."

  2. Yeah, knot of TOADS has been seen before and needs to be remembered a bit better for the future. WATERSKI (32D Has fun getting towed?) needed no question mark, and 45D Sweetener (BRIBES) is fantastic. KIBOSH, SMUT and the great clue for ROANS just add to the pleasure. ALONETIME is something that Sue always seeks, but that I don't seem to need too often. Great Saturday, but solved while sitting around sipping beer while Alana was over, so untimed.