Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday, July 12, 2016, Samuel A. Donaldson


If you drink too much LABATT Blue (B), you might SLIPANDFALL and end up with BROKENBONES (55A: Injuries illustrated four times in this puzzle). You'll have to get a CEMENT cast, and you might not be DANSKing again very soon, but at least you'll have some time for a RESTFUL recovery, maybe with your broken leg up on a HASAC (31A: Is ready for the summer weather, for short) (the "green" in me revolts and asks, 'What about "has windows and fans?"). All your days will be like SATURDAYS as you leave TRUELIFE behind.

OKOK, I'll stop.

It's an odd theme, and thinking about breaking one's sacrum is not at all pleasant. Not that any broken bone leaves one in a state of BLISS, but I'd certainly rather break my ulna or even tibia. The femur, I'd have to think about...

I had "BLAthER" for BLABBER (40D: Spew nonsense), which made INDEBT (50A: Owing (to)) difficult to figure out. I loved seeing AMY in the grid. She's adorable!

There's a handful of MRE, NOMDE, ACAD, and EIS-type stuff, and OONA seems like she gets in at least four or five times per week, doesn't she? But overall, it was a passable Tuesday.

- Horace

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