Monday, July 23, 2018

Monday, July 23, 2018, Todd Gross


An accelerated time progression today from MOMENT to YEAR, by way of common(ish) expressions all using the form "[noun] of the [time]." ORDERSOFTHEDAY (28A: Parliamentary agenda) isn't so common on this side of the briny, perhaps, but it seems to Google well enough. The Rock-OLA cross is obscure, but what else could _RDERSOFTHEDAY really be? The other three are all perfectly common. SPUROFTHEMOMENT is my favorite, because, well, I'm an impulsive person.


I thought the concept was a nice find (although I'd be surprised if something like it hasn't been done before), but still it's simple, understandable, and clever. Pretty much perfect for a Monday, no? I also enjoyed the clues 6A: Egyptian goddess with a repetitive name (ISIS) and 4D: Good listener? (EAR). Those showed a nice spirit. There were a few partials and scraps (INYOU, ESS, IER), but there was also high-quality fill like CRUSADER, INTHEORY, CONVEY, MYHERO, and FELONS.

I'd say it's a fine start to the week.

- Horace


  1. Oh, that's a good theme. I noticed "of the" but I wasn't paying attention to time periods until I came here. Happens on Mondays.

    TAHOE, FAINT, and MAUI were high points.

    Time 7:33, normal for a Monday.

  2. 5:15
    "Out of my brain on the...." I agree with Mr. Kingdon regarding sometimes missing the theme entirely on a Monday (and with MAUI being a high point). I just race through it and head to work. Now that I'm watching "Voyager" I'd like to see LIEN clued with the Kes actress one of these times. And of course, OSIRIS was also the husband of ISIS, but this is a family puzzle.