Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday, July 20, 2018, Robyn Weintraub

11:30 (FWOE)

With another outstanding themeless, Ms. Weintraub is INRAREFORM. I found very little to PRESS her on.

My error came at 18A: Analagous (AKIN). I tried AsIN, which in my support, is often found in an analogy. But the excellent 12D: Place where lots of calls are made (POKERTABLE) finally put me right. I love that clue for its distinct and clear absence of a question mark.

Other clues of note include 37A: What can get batters out? (SPATULAS) - didn't fool me for a minute, although I did think of "ScraperS" first. Also, I liked 31A: One might be by the water cooler (WORKMATE). And also 39D: Knocks loudly? (BERATES). Some fine work there.

The triple stacks in the NW and SE corners are both very good. Starting with BARBIEDOLL above AVERAGEJOE and 17A: It gets you what you need (LIVINGWAGE), I love the contrasts in gender and presumed socioeconomic status. The other triple is not as strong, but I do like ROLLERRINK.

The more I review this puzzle, the more I find to enjoy. I'll leave you with one last outstanding clue and answer. 50D: A cameo may have one (LINE). As in one single line. That's brilliance, my fine readers.

UPNEXT? Well, whoever it is has tough shoes to fill.

- Colum


  1. 12:15

    Totally agree with the review. A delightful themeless.

  2. 37:20
    This was a little more difficult for old Huygens over here than either of you two. However, it still fell within a reasonable Friday time, and isn't a little difficulty a good thing? ERITREA, while known to me, took a few crosses, as did SEATURTLES (I just wasn't thinking of them). DUNST, on the other hand, went right in. I wasn't aware that DEWARS is a Bacardi brand. I spent many an evening sipping on the stuff while doing my Calculus I homework. I still think longingly and fondly of those times to this day.