Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018, Jonathan M. Kaye


Quite the stunt today, to string Hs and Xs down the middle to form a letter-based DOUBLEHELIX. And I don't know about you Across Lite or iPad solvers, but when you solve on the NYTX Web site, the letters all connect and spin. Fancy!

The theme answers run both Across and Down, which I like, and include, in addition to the form mentioned above, HUMANBEINGS, CHROMOSOMES, and BIOCHEMICAL. Seems like a well-connected theme, if you ask me.


CHICO MARX was clued very well with "... actor who said 'You can't fool me, there ain't no Sanity Clause,'" and I like the look of TVWIFE (5D: Lucy Ricardo, to Ricky). Come to think of it, this must have a pretty high "Scrabble score," what with all the Xs. Well.. ok, I looked it up, and it's a 1.93, which puts it in the top 40, all-time. (I've got to donate to xwordinfo.com!)

Cute clues on IDEE (22D: Nice thought?) (the city, not the adjective), EONS (59D: They go to great lengths), and STRAW (17A: Addition to a soda, but not to a beer). Of course, straws are on the outs now - the places we go aren't putting them into anything anymore. Down with plastic! And speaking of - Frannie and I just started using shampoo that comes in a bar, like a bar of soap (instead of a plastic bottle) and so far we're loving it!

There's a little OLLAS, ODEA, NLRB (?), REHEEL, and DITS to overlook, but it's a pretty neat trick to have lined up 7-Down that way. Plus, it played a little harder than Tuesdays sometimes do, so I'm giving it a thumbs up!

- Horace


  1. 4:44
    Nice aha moment, when I figured out what was going on in 7D. I can't believe you didn't spell it out in your review! HXHHXHHXHHXHHXH. That's awesome. Can you believe it's only the third time that answer has appeared in the NYT? Just kidding.

    There was a bunch of glue holding this together, but I don't care. It was fun. By the way, NLRB is the National Labor Relations Board. Formed as part of The New Deal by FDR.

  2. 13:19
    This was excellent, but I can answer for Across Lite solvers that nothing spun upon completion. Shame. Interesting that both OSHA and NLRB are in there (both of which I know quite well). Good clue for GANGES, and refreshing that DORA isn't clued with "the Explorer." I agree with Horace: down with straws and plastic. We at the YBH use very little, and HOPE to reduce even further. The bar shampoo that Horace mentioned is intriguing.