Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday, July 14, 2018, Kameron Austin Collins


Today's puzzle takes us on a spin around an attractive pinwheel shaped grid, which makes space for some nice long downs. I particularly liked STEELCAGE, CANDYCOAT, and CRUNK - the latter is, of course, not so long, but it sure is a great term. I also appreciate the word GERMANE, but my spelling of it went AMUCK, costing me a couple minutes. Once I made the correction, though, I quite enjoyed "Things drawn by eccentric people" (STARES). Ha! We've all been there.

As chance would have it, I recently acquired the Paul Gallico novel "Mrs. 'ARRIS goes to Paris" from my grandmother's book collection. It turns out there are several Mrs. 'Arris adventures in which she travels to New York and London. She also goes to Amsterdam's red light district - but that, of course, was never published.

Does anyone else think there might be a mini theme including BEERNUTS, MOXIE, KUSH, and other GAMETES? Too much?

I wanted MORALCompass instead of MORALCENTER, but the grid would not allow it. Also, I don't take a STROBELIGHT. My preferred "Party flasher" is of another kind altogether. OHBABY! :)

Like yesterday, I thought this puzzle REPAID on the easy side, but that was lucky for me because things are ORNATE around here today and I have got to ENCASE.



  1. 35:29
    Nice review Frannie! I had some trouble in the NW with APSIS/ARRIS, where I really wanted APSeS for some reason. It took me a while to remember ROEPER, guessing that Siskel would be too easy for a Saturday. There is a MOXIE festival today in Maine, and, in fact, George Barnes in his weekly "Barnestorming" article in the Worcester Telegram made mention of it, and that he was planning to attend with a friend. KEMOSABE is nicely clued, and we always like a reference to a Mexican state (OAXACA). AMATORY is a pleasing word, but REROOTS doesn't do it for me. The clue for CAVER didn't fool me for a second, nor did the one for DISBAR. It doesn't look it based on my time, but I really flew through most of this one.

  2. 14:02
    Tough NW corner for me. I loved HOTRODS, although I kind of wanted "Pink Ladies" for the answer. My trouble mostly came from understanding BETS for "Picks" and 27A: Jr. and sr. (YRS). I thought of heS and mRS (plural of Mr.) but rejected both because who said you had to be male to be the first or second of your name? Turns out that's not at all what they were going for.

  3. Your syndicated puzzle tab seems to be off by a week.

    1. Yeah, sorry about that. I'm the only one who updates it, I think, and I don't get to it every day, especially when I'm not doing the reviews.