Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesay, June 12, 2018, Tracy Gray and Samuel A. Donaldson


  1. 4:06
    It went by so quickly. Um, I think you're a little hard on this poor little puzzle. It's just three terms that repurpose a word into a type of shoe. I liked JUSTFORKICKS as the revealer. I also was tickled by the SW corner, GEE, OMG, and EMOJI all sounded the same.

  2. 9:01
    Pumps don't suck, they push, resulting in a vacuum (technically). But I'll accept SUCTIONPUMPS. On balance, I enjoyed the puzzle. WATERMOCCASINS is the most absurd, although PARTYPLATFORMS runs a close second. I haven't thought of the IROC-Z for decades. I agree with Horace on his WHODAT list (I noticed that JOJO wasn't on it). And are we supposed to mention a LISP any longer? Nice observation about the SW by Colum. SUPERSIZED is excellent; WHATATREAT.

  3. Hmm... I'm not sure what happened to my review for this day, but it was obviously there once... I guess I'll just leave it as "comments only." Strange.