Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018, Trenton Charlson


A puzzle with a little pop today: musical group ZZTOP. Each of the three answers across the top of the grid contains a double Z (RAZZ, PIZZA, FIZZ). Pleasantly, there are also three members of the band. And, if the Wikipedia is to be believed, all three men have been with the band since its start in 1969 - a different kind of pops!

I was able to drop in 1D in off the clue (Apocalyptic event predicted in Norse mythology) because Horace and I just saw Thor: RAGNAROK. Thanks, Netflix. I guessed OREO for "Dirt pie ingredient" even though I've never heard of it; it just seemed apt. I enjoyed the clue "What old records and happy-go-lucky people may do" (SKIP). 

Other WORTHY entries:
NIMRODS - I love that word, even pluralized.
POPDIVA - my dream job.
ZEROESIN - looks a little WEIRDO, non?

If someone had asked me, as I was solving the puzzle today, HOWGOESIT? I would have replied, "a little on the easy side." I'm not usually under 30 minutes, never mind 20 minutes on a Friday. It usually takes me a lot longer to get INUIT.


We're heading into the weekend with the HOTS, EROS, and SEXPOTS. BING!



  1. 8:20
    Yeah, I agree, definitely on the easy side for a Friday. And didn't we have a mini theme last Friday too? Themeless puzzles are becoming rarer, perhaps? Still, this one was WORTHY of a thumbs up from me.

  2. 14:15
    VERY easy for a Friday! But I did love all of those Zs. We seem to be missing just a Q for a pangram; so close. I don't know of OBEAH, and don't particularly care to, but other than that, everything was pretty straightforward, even KETCH and KENDO. I got AJAX off of the "X."

  3. 5:22
    Yup. Too easy for a Friday. But a fun puzzle nonetheless.