Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Michael Hawkins


It is a truth universally acknowledged that no matter what ONETIME you set your alarm for, it always goes off too SOON. But today's puzzle celebrates the quiet hero of this tale: the SNOOZEBUTTON. When hit just right, it can result in one or more of the other dreamed of theme answers (RADIOSILENCE, BUZZKILL, SOUNDOFF) securing a few more minutes of precious sleep. I always think I get the ten best of my forty winks in the few minutes between alarm blasts.

Despite the sleepy theme, I felt young and alive when I was able to drop in GHOSTED right out of the gate (Suddenly stopped communicating with, in modern lingo). Even more so when I got to BOUNCE (Leave, slangily), and HOTYOGA. #wattba!

Aptly, BABE (in arms) and OVUM appear next to each other, although perhaps, following a strict chronology, ovum should appear first. It might be fun to try to make a word ladder from ovum to baby. I'll get to work on that but it may take me awhile. Check back in 40 weeks or so.

Also OFNOTE was the excellent clue "Six for dinner?" calling for the self-referential answer WORDLENGTH. And yes, dear readers, I was fooled again. OYE.




  1. 5:13
    Oh, I liked this one a whole bunch. It reminds me of my daughter who'd rather be STARGAZING.

  2. 15:03
    Well, I beat the sum of the previous two times handily. That's a NEWTAKE on time comparisons (well, not really). BORGE is a bit old-school, as is BOGGS, but alas, I dropped them both right in. And unlike Frannie, I needed all of the crosses for GHOSTED, which I've not heard in my circles. Also, I never use a SNOOZEBUTTON, always at the ready to get up and greet the day. TRICIA took me a couple of crosses, even though I was alive (but not particularly aware of such things) during the Nixon administration. Yes, I'm that OLD. I liked seeing the clue for TUNA (53D "Chicken of the sea") as it reminded me of the somewhat dated "Sorry, Charlie" advertisements on the TV. And I, also, would rather be STARGAZING, though I don't know how much of that goes on at your typical observatory. Well, I'm going to BOUNCE.