Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018, John Lampkin


The object of today's exercise was to figure out what kind of workout one might get at various locales. At a dairy farm, it was CHEESECURLS, at a cutlery store it was FORKLIFTS, and at a candy store, PEPPERMINTTWIST. The appeal of an exercise regimen of this type is easy to see, but Mr. Lampkin himself seems dubious about the value of the program, DEEMing it, in the revealer, DIDDLYSQUAT. Perhaps he thinks that the APOGEE of keeping fit involves SWEATS. I, for one, prefer a WINEPRESS to anything that might cause a pain in DECAF, which is probably why I haven't seen a WANE in my POT AREA of late.

The puzzle offers some fine seasonal fill with beach destinations OAHU and TRURO where one might take a DIP or go INDEEP, a reference to everyone's favorite campfire treat the SMORE, and the appearance, for the third time in four days, of TAN. Even if that's not a record, it has to leave some kind of mark.


Other fill that gave me a lift includes SPOOFS, POINTA, and STIRRER. I did experience a slight cramp at 29A: "Clip as a coupon" where I entered cutout in place of DETACH. EARP.



  1. 5:41
    Amusing theme, but perhaps it tries too hard and, alas, insists upon itself. I had IRONfist at first where IRONRULE goes, which slowed me down a bit, but it was repaired very quickly. I liked OVERSTEP, SPOOFS and HOOTSAT, for three. There are nice beaches in KONA, too. Funny that HUR and SHE are adjacent.

  2. 3:55
    Fun puzzle. The best part is that the DIDDLYSQUAT is itself a kind of exercise!

  3. 4:02
    I enjoyed the theme quite a bit, especially the revealer. Nice review. Hardly a TIDBIT left to comment on!