Monday, January 13, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020, Alan Arbesfeld


One place I really hate sitting is in the MIDDLESEAT. My long legs don’t tolerate the cramped position, and you don’t get the benefit of a window to look out of. Not too mention having to get up and sit back down constantly.

I wonder if Horace and Frannie have flown on KLM, that well known DUTCHAIRLINE? I’ll have to ask them the next time I see them.

Oh, the theme?

Right! So, Mr. Arbesfeld has found five phrases where a type of seat is hidden in the middle. Notably (like yesterday), each seat spans across the breaks between the words. Does that make them a pair of aisle seats? Hmmmm. This will take some more thought.

Also notably, there are no circles or darkened squares to give away the locations of these hidden seats. You’ll find them as follows:

AL[OTTOMAN]AGE (excellent, that one)

With that many theme answers (including the revealer), it’s no surprise that the fill suffers. See YAWL, OCTANT, CYST, WAH, OLEO. That last one is so old, it deserves an EGAD. Does anybody take an oleo these days? I mean, really, butter is just better.

So, a fun theme, which for me outweighs the less enjoyable fill.

- Colum


  1. 8:12
    This ran a little tougher for me than a normal Monday. I can think of at least one person, nay, two, that take an OLEO, which is shocking to me. Being of half Polish descent, I take a PIEROGI anytime it's offered, although Sue is less enthusiastic about them. I've never flown on KLM, but when I make reservations, I often book us in the aisle and the window seats, hoping that none of the other passengers choose to sit in the middle. I should start keeping records, but I'd say that around half the time the strategy works and Sue and I are alone in the row, which is nice. We rarely get stuck sitting in the MIDDLESEATs. Shout out to PIANO, which I've been playing again lately after an unexplained hiatus, although not ALLOT, or at least not as much as I'd like. Also, shout out to ITALIA, for obvious reasons.

  2. 7:43
    We have indeed flown KLM. They are a partner in our preferred carrier fleet, which also includes Air France, Delta, AlITALIA, and a few others.

    And I agree with Huygens that this was hard for a Monday! But I think the theme is quite good. I frequently end up in a MIDDLESEAT in the middle section. I endure it somehow.

    Are PILOTS and TSA bonus fill?