Monday, January 27, 2020

Monday, January 27, 2020, Timothy Polin

8:52, FWOE

We have a group of four mustachioed villains lurking in today's grid including DRFUMANCHU, YOSEMITESAM (not too villainous), SNIDELYWHIPLASH (great name!), and CAPTAINHOOK. I did a quick image search on all four and Yosemite Sam's got them all beat in the lip sweater department.

I FWOEd in a ridiculous way. I left "Tennis star ___ Osaka" (NAOMI) blank, hoping to fill it in with the downs. One of those downs was ""Cornfield cry," which I decided was CoW, as if someone were pointing out one in the field. See how that TIESIN? Yeah, me neither. I am full of EGRETS.

I thought the clue "Mother in a stable family" (MARE) was amusing. It's nice to see EEL again. It feels like it's been a while. SPACECADET is a fun throwback. And who doesn't enjoy a MADLIB? _____ (Proper noun). And, while we're in the before time, how about the delicious fill ROCKYROAD? According to one origin story for the ice cream flavor in the Wikipedia, William Dryer and Joseph Edy gave the flavor its current name "to give folks something to smile about in the midst of the Great Depression." Mmmmm, rocky road.


I don't like the spelling TEHEE for something pronounced teehee because if both vowels are pronounced the same, shouldn't they be spelled the same way? I think they  ________ (mild expletive) should. :)



  1. 3:57
    Excellent review. It's no IDLETHREAT having to follow Frannie in the review cycle. Maybe a shakeup is in order?

    1. Yeah... ok... maybe it is time for a switch-up. I can try to distract her during the end of her reviewing weeks so she isn't so damn hilarious right before I take over. :)

      Can we wait one cycle, though? We're going on a little trip, and it would be good if neither of us had to do it next week. But how about from here we go: Frannie, You, Me, You, Frannie, Me, You, etc. Is that ok with you?

  2. 6:06
    SNIDELYWHIPLASH without a doubt has the best name of the bunch, but YOSEMITESAM is far and away my favorite. LAKER is timely, and everyone loves a WINESAUCE. I was upset with TEHEE when I first saw it way back when, but have since accepted it. And finally, I was able to recently watch all eight "Star Wars" movies that are available for streaming on Disney+, and am happy to report that LEIA remains my favorite of the three main female stars (Carrie Fisher, Natalie Portman and Daisy Ridley), although I did enjoy them all for their individual strengths.

  3. 4:36 (FWTE)
    I spelled Bil KEeNE's name wrong, and I had YEs for "You betcha!" I've got to be more careful!

    Excellent review. I LOL'd several times. :)