Saturday, January 4, 2020

Saturday, January 4, 2020, Adam Aaronson


Wow! What a way to end the week. I very much enjoyed this debut (!) puzzle from young Mr. Aaronson. So many good entries, and so much tricky cluing! I'm not quite sure where to start... so I guess I might as well start at the beginning.


SWEARWORD (You may see stars because of one) was amusing when it finally hit me. Did you notice that "telescOpe" fits in that space? I actually thought of "haymaker" first, but it was too short. And it was only after my customary morning expresso SHOT kicked in that I was able to finally correct it all. It was also partly due to the gimme of HAMBURGLAR (Antagonist of Ronald McDonald). Hah! I think I confuse OCTOBERSKY with "Vanilla Sky," but I've never seen either, and only one is an anagram of "Rocket Boys," so that eventually worked itself out too.

Coming off of all that, ABOSYSTEM (It describes your type) (blood type) was a challenge! As was the other total unknown (to me) RLSTINE (Author of "One Day at HorrorLand"). And YESSIREEBOB ("Indubitably") was fun, but its symmetrical counterpart WORLDWARIII (Potential cause of the apocalypse) was a little too "real" today.

I had "Strait" clogging things up for a while in the SW, where the excellent SLUICE (Waterway) belonged, and after the SWEARWORD up top, I was in the wrong mindset when I came to "Blue Words" (IMSAD). The three Ss are fun in MISSSAIGON, and they kind of mirror the cluster of Ss in YESSIREEBOB and OGRESS.

I found the whole thing a BEGUILING challenge. For me, the CLAPOMETER is in the red zone, and I'll be watching for Mr. Aaronson's byline in the future!

- Horace

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  1. 33:30
    This was a great one, and not only did I notice that telescOpe fit in where SWEARWORD belongs, I entered it. So that led to some problems. As Horace mentions, HAMBURGLAR was a gimme, and once I saw the reference to CPR and its sister clue at 3D leading to EMTS, I realized that I'd have to rethink my original guess at 1A. Now I know what the oft-heard SUZETTE means; always nice to learn something in a puzzle. I'd never heard the modern slang TURNT, but now I know that, too. Really, though, there was quite a bit that I was able to drop in from the clues, so TOADEGREE, this wasn't terribly difficult. RLSTINE is kind of a horror-lite author for kids, so I'm familiar with him as my own offspring had a couple of his books. And obvie, ABFAB went right in, as did things like RYDERCUP, OGRESS (off of telescOpe), LIKEBUTTON, GHENT, IGOR and several others. I tried whAM where BLAM belongs, but the crosses eventually fixed that up.