Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tuesday, January 28, 2020, Trenton Charlson


If you'll note my time, you'll C that it's a red letter day for this solver! I finally broke the six minute barrier AND it's my turn do write the review. I CANTOR believer it.

Today's theme gives the FINALFOUR a whole new meaning - one I can get behind. Each of the theme answers each ends with one of the last four letters of the alphabet, in order from top to bottom, starting with COMPOUNDW. The theme suits me to a T for several reasons. One, see above. Another is that it includes CONTROLZ - Best. Key. Combination. Ever. I didn't remember seeing it in a puzzle before and it turns out I haven't. According to XWord Info both COMPOUNDW and CONTROLZ are unique to this puzzle. G whiz!

Apropos of GENERATIONY, which I'm not, I remember a time when MODEMs were a more frequent topic. Anyone else?

There's a TROVE of other good stuff, too, from AHH to ZAIRE. And "You'll trip if you drop it" (LSD) is A material. HOODOO, TOPOLOGY, LADE, TROVE, GRANDEUR, and of course, SHAMU.


The only clue-answer pair that troubled me was "SRO" for a sold-out performance. If it's sold out, how can there be any SR? Anyhoo, that's a minor complaint. Today, I'm just happy I have nothing to EGRET.



  1. 3:50
    We keep on seeing those EGRETs. I love this puzzle. Look at OPENMRI crossing MALCOLMX. That's lovely.

  2. 5:54
    Like Frannie, I came in under my time for yesterday, which is not usual. Great theme, and I note that I, too, am not a GENERATIONY member, thank goodness. TOPOLOGY was an interesting and difficult subject that I took near the end of my undergraduate pursuit. We generally don't take a SOLOCUP around here, opting instead to just wash reusable cup-wear, be it glass or plastic (depending on where it is to be used). I'd never heard of an OPENMRI since I've been able to RELAXES in the regular variety when I've needed one. I love a MINUET movement, especially the trio.

  3. 4:35
    Also faster than yesterday. Fun theme, and another Aplus review!