Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday May 27, 2022, David Distenfeld

So, ok, at first I put in "gaslights" instead of CATFISHES (Lures into a relationship by using a fictional online persona), because I can't keep all these new nefarious activities straight. With me, Dear Reader, you know where you stand. Sure, I write this blog under a pseudonym, but by now, if you address me as Horace, I'll answer. In fact, I do answer to it quite frequently at the A.C.P.T. :) Anywhoo, that error was quickly fixed, and the NW corner fell in no time. 

"Taste of The Danforth" Canada's largest street fair.

A couple observations about that corner - I have imagined a scenario in which someone hears FIGS! yelled from another room, and then asks INPAIN? to which the injured party responds SCALDED! That's the kind of thing that happens inside my brain as I sit looking at a blank blog entry. SEES, no subterfuge here. ("Rawr, rawr, rawr. No one understands you SHEBEAR.")

Where was I?

Frannie started enjoying the ITALIAN beverage options a lot more when we started ordering the HOUSEWINES at little places in Tuscany, and if any so-called oenophiles have a problem with that, well, it's their loss.

And speaking of tipples, I had cOsmo in for "Occasion for a high flute?" (TOAST), but I like the real answer better. Still, my first thought fit with mEr (Jacques Cousteau's milieu) (SEA) (false French indicator!) and otS (Parts of some bowls, in brief) (TDS), and unravelling those errors made the NE my final battle. Luckily, it was not my Waterloo.

It was DEF tougher than yesterday, and if tomorrow lives up to its name, I'm in for a nice long solve. See you then!

- Horace


  1. Lots to enjoy in this one! Love the clues, too...especially the clue for SET A DATE.

  2. My favorite clue-answer pair by far was 1D: Mustard, for one: Abbr. (COL). Hah! Did not see that coming, especially with the hidden capital. I could have finished this faster but didn't go with my instincts in the SE corner. Fortunately, Banksy helped me with MURAL, and then it all started to make sense. 5:42