Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sunday, May 29, 2022, Daniel Bodily and Jeff Chen


One hundred years ago tomorrow, the LINCOLNMEMORIAL was dedicated. It's one of many memorials to our first assassinated president, including the capital of Nebraska, the Lincoln Highway, and - some say - Lincoln Center. 

DOZEN donuts

The theme includes some nice black-square artwork showing his STOVEPIPEHAT, his BEARD, and the memorial itself. Plus a couple nicknames - SAVIOROFTHEUNION, HONESTABE, and the RAILSPLITTER. Not to mention the sly bonus theme answer ABET. 

Even with the thematically illustrative blocks of black squares, the puzzle didn't feel particularly blocky and went write along for this solver. I enjoy the notion of a HOBO spider haunting the train tracks, but I probably wouldn't want to travel with one. 

My favorite clue today was "Barely get wet?" SKINNYDIP. Ha! Fill-wise I liked CASHCOW and SACHETS.

In the mid-west I had a bit of a MaLT down - wait, make that MELT down because I didn't know EVA Green. I EGRET to say that because I didn't immediately know 48D, I became bittern.  

Other fun clues included "One making a racket?" CONMAN and "One-eyed giant?" HURRICANE

We're away from home today, and don't have a ton of time for this, so that's going to have to do until tomorrow. Ta!

- Horace & Frannie


  1. Impressive, I thought -- and doable, to this solver. Nice tribute to a great man.

  2. Clever to split PRE-SID-ENT into three three letter words.

  3. I wanted the apparently unchecked answers to do something when read across, but it was down instead. Ended up getting the three independently and then noticed the PRE-SID-ENT. So I'm not sure it quite meets my standards of how to handle unchecked letters but the puzzle was fun. I figured it was probably Lincoln as soon as I saw the temple shaped grid, but I had to get a fair bit of fill to confirm that.