Monday, May 2, 2022

Monday, May 2, 2022, Erik Agard

A tidy little rhyme theme today: NEVEREVER, THIGHHIGH, HOVEROVER, and BEARSEARS. The last two are sight rhymes, but that still works. 


There's some decidedly non-Monday material today - LANDBACK (Indigenous reclamation movement), and KURTA (Loose, collarless shirt popular in India), for two. And I'm guessing FORTNITE (Online game with a Battle Royale mode) will need crosses for many people as well. Likewise DARLA (To whom Alfalfa wrote "You're scum between my toes!") (Yuck). And what is EBT? And don't say "Debit inits. on some SNAP cards," because what the heck are SNAP cards? (I'm getting too old for this game.) Even BEARSEARS isn't exactly Devil's Tower famous.

Anywho - all this to say that this one took me a minute or two longer than a Monday usually does. Nothing wrong with that, I just mention it.

The NYTX seems to be loosening up lately. Is Will Shortz on vacation this week? HALFASS today, yesterday WAP and FRAK... what next?

BREADTH (Counterpart of length), REALM (Domain), and PEAT (Stuff from a bog) are good words. All the "ea" words. You don't see CLERIC (Religious official) much - outside of Dungeons and Dragons, that is - and I always chuckle at audacious answers like HAHAHA. So overall, it's a fine start to the week.

- Horace

p.s. I have been informed that the theme is not just rhymes (as you probably already noticed), but two-word phrases where the second word is the same as the first word only without the first letter. Probably ought to turn in my reviewer badge for not picking up on this and letting you know, but, well, that's why you come here in the first place, right? For an original take? :)

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  1. Oh gosh no, Horace, don't turn in your badge! Cute puzzle. EBT stands for "Electronic Benefits Transfer" and an EBT card (never heard of "SNAP" card) takes the place of food stamps.