Sunday, May 22, 2022

Sunday, May 22, 2022, David and Karen and Paul Steinberg


What is this, a 19x23 grid? I like it! And I also like that it was constructed by Mr. Steinberg and his parents! Very cool. 


I remember thinking he was gutsy and original after he made a puzzle that included the answer DAVIDSTEINBERG, but after that, I sometimes thought that I might be a little out of his target demographic. Perhaps the collaboration with his parents is what makes this one of my favorite Steinberg puzzles ever!

The "Separate" answers running down, then forward and backward, is a pretty phenomenal trick. I never like seeing clues that read "See 12-Down" - and there are eight of them here - but would it have been better to clue each of those answers with real clues? Frannie says it would have allowed people to solve it more easily without understanding the trick, and that might be true, but I'm not sure it would really take anything away... how did you REACTTO it? Would you rather have seen clues for STOPSIGNS, REVERENCE, etc? Or do you have NOREGRETS?

In addition to the theme, we have several good mid-length entries. The less-than-ideal MDPHD at 1A gives MASCARA, DETOXES, and PROGENY. As well as Shakira's HIPS Don't Lie. A fair trade-off, I'd say. 

Elsewhere we find the delicious ARANCINI, CITRON, and LAVACAKE. And I've got a soft spot for Wisconsin. I've actually never been to KENOSHA, that I know of, but I did spend four years in that state.

Good theme, good clues, good unusual shape - Good Sunday!

- Horace

p.s. Shout out to CECE!


  1. I had a lot of fun with this Sunday puzzle, which felt like a combination of a crossword with a word spiral puzzle. The shape of the grid was highly unusual as well. I wonder why they went that way?

  2. When I finally got the gimmick, I was enchanted. I mean, I was charmed by the byline to begin with, but had no idea the family was going to give us such a delicious solve. Horace, I understand what you mean about the "See XX" clues, but I think Frannie's right..this way I not only got two words, but a bonus word, too, albeit sans clue. And yes, CECE!

  3. Oh but I liked MDPHD, probably just because my partner spent many years in a cancer/genetics research lab with a MDPHD or two in it.

    Also liked the "Noah-counting" pun although it is a groaner.