Monday, May 9, 2022

Monday, May 9, 2022, August Miller

I am familiar with the adage, THIS TOO SHALL PASS (from the first words of the four theme answers), - it reminds me of my Mom, in fact, who uttered it with some frequency - but not only did I not know the source, I don't think I've ever even heard of ATTAR as the name of a person before ("Sufi poet thought to have coined the adage"). The second-to-last letter of the revealer was a touch-and-go Natick for this solver due to the classic conundrum, PTo or PTA? In an effort to prevent casual FWOEs, when I come to clues like today's "School fund-raising grp." and others like "Traveler's approx." I try to remember to leave the final letter blank until the answer in the other direction shows me which way the wind is blowing, but when both options are possible, a voice in my head says, TOOBADFORYOU. :) 

I had only one other clue-related trouble spot. At 25A: for "C-worthy" I started off with 'soso' instead of the correct OKAY. The only other slow downs were caused by my poor typing on a touch screen device. How many times in a row can a person type Z instead of A??? Turns out, it's a HIGH number. 

Anyhoo, on to more HAPPY things. I enjoyed "Revealed accidentally" (LETSLIP) and "Good name for a financial planner" (IRA) was a JOKE that was the cause of a  little laugh. I also really like, for some reason, PAT as a unit of butter. ERUPT is a great word, and SHAM is fun. Also - PARTYBUS - sign me up! I'll be the first to say THISONESONME. :)


OTOH, I found SEEP for "Percolate" a bit odd. Also, OBIT for "In memoriam piece" seemed a little strange, not because the clue and answer don't match up, but because there's no indication of an abbreviation in the clue, which seemed unusual for a Monday. But, maybe OBIT isn't considered an abbreviation anymore. 

All in all, a pretty fast Monday for this solver (5:26), but the under-five-minute solve continues to elude  me. EAU well, MAYA next time.



  1. Well Frannie, you know I'm a speedy guy and I had this done in 3:10. But with a super sloppy approach this time. With perfect confidence, I threw in SUCKSTOBEYOU (I guess that's what the voice in *my* head says, ha ha) and ... chaos ensued ...

  2. Before I got to the revealer I thought the theme might be something to do with "Me" in the first one, "You" in the second, and "We" in the third. I was so close to getting "They" in the last, but no. Neither HAPPY nor IRATE that it turned out to be something else entirely. 4:08 for me.