Monday, May 30, 2022

Monday, May 30, 2022, Alexander Liebeskind

Speaking of NEWBEGINNINGS (which we weren't, but will be presently), it's Frannie here, at the top of the work week, although, I for one, am not working today. It being Memorial Day, many STAFF have the day off. I have no BEEF with that - AMOS satisfactory situation. 


Wait, AMMO start over. NOLAuadable reader needs that kind of review on a holiday, if you take my POINT. Oh boy, EARL try again. If I can just TERN this into something interesting. GEES, this is difficult. I start ORGAN and ORGAN, but, if I'm honest, ORATE the entire thing a complete fail. I fear I'm in PERIL of losing our vast readership unless I SEAS this chance to make a good impression. Sometimes, I can STEEL an idea from the theme and when I'm on a ROLE, there's no stopping me, but inspiration is SCANTY today. So BEES it. AISLE try once more to TYPES something SERTAS to entertain. Who am I kidding? That's ASTRO not gonna happen. 

Maybe I should give up trying to be NUMEROUNO. It's a TRAP ENSURE to ENDS badly.


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