Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tuesday, May 31, 2022, Sam Buchbinder and Brad Wilber

I found AMPLE entertainment in today's puzzle, from good clue/answer pairs to an amusing theme. The theme is clued as "Suggestion to defer discussion ... and what might be said of 17-, 25-, 46-, and 60-Across." When I first read the clue, before having completed much of the puzzle, I thought the answers might be phrases in which the letters PIN had been inserted to comic effect, but no, it was the answers themselves that were amusing when read with the revealer, LETSPUTAPININIT, in mind: VOODOODOLL, CLOTHDIAPER, BOWLINGLANE, and ATMMACHINE. As I read the theme answers from top to bottom, my reactions went from nodding in agreement to COL (Chuckling Out Loud). 


Throughout the puzzle there was a real TANG to the cluing including some excellent QMCs like "Keep bumping into another punk music fan? (MOSH), "Place for a royal flush?" (LOO) - ha! - and  "Wreck room?" (STY). DIDO for the non-QMCs like "Spot for a guard at the World Cup" (SHIN)
"Gathering where one might make a splash" (POOLPARTY), and "Puts on" (DONS).

As if that weren't enough, we were treated both to quality words in the clues themselves like akimbo, stampede, and cavernous, and fine fill such as ASTUTE, MALADROIT, and CUSP. Plus Tupperware (LIDS)! A nice flourish was the C/AP pair "Not supporting" (ANTI) and "Supporting" (PRO), the latter of which, in case you haven't guessed it already, describes my stance vis-à-vis this puzzle. :)



  1. Fun theme, nice fill. I especially liked MALADROIT, and yes, the clue for LOO is terrific!

  2. The first themer I got was ATMMACHINE and I was wondering if this was going to be a theme of phrases which were an acronym followed by a word included in the acronym. But the pins turn out to be a fun theme, so no complaints.

    1. Discovered this marvelous blog by, well, searching for it. I must complain about ATMMACHINE -- I despise RAS Syndrome (Redundant Acronym Syndrome Syndrome)!