Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015, Bruce Venzke and Victor Fleming


Decent Monday theme: Types of TIES, put into compound words and/or phrases. It was one of those perfect cases where I filled in the puzzle without any real awareness of the theme, and then way down at the very last Across clue I found the revealer. My favorite themers were ROPEADOPE (11D: *Signature Muhammad Ali ploy) of course, and CHAINMAIL (31D: *Protective medieval gear) because, well, CHAINMAIL!

Not too much junk today. I don't particularly love LAPUP (50D: Enjoy immensely), or SOAMI (55D: "Same goes for me"). I mean, I get it, they need to make things work, and these, really, aren't as bad as some multi-short-word fill, like ONEMEG (9D: Smallish computer storage unit, for short), but they sure are a far cry from lovely fill like EXHORTS (38A: Urges on), ASCRIBE (44D: Attribute), or even TATTLE (47D: Rat (on)). But then, I like ARTFILM (7D: Movie that's not likely to be shown in a multiplex), ELCID (1D: Legendary Spanish hero), and even KNEEPAD (40A: Rollerblader's protection) so really, the constructors can never win. I hope they know that, and that they take all this "criticism" stuff in stride. This is a fine Monday. Thanks guys!

- Horace


  1. Can you believe a DNF on a Monday? That's what I give myself when I put in ONEbit for ONEMEG. Apparently I saw WIRiFRAUD and said, "Yes, that's right." And I think we can all agree that while a single bit is a very very very very small computer storage unit, it is certainly not a "smallish" one. Damn you, computer bit.

  2. 8:53
    I loved OLDBAG, which I use every so often to desribe an older lady driver. LEIA is timely (I have a button with a young Carrie Fisher in her signature gold bikini in my office; I wouldn't want to see her in one of those now, I don't think). Finally, the "Nincompoops" pair (MORONS and ASSES) was also nice. I never heard of TAYE Diggs.