Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016, Robyn Weintraub


I feel like such a SMARTYPANTS (1A: Too-clever-by-half type) (A) because I absolutely shredded this one.

Despite the apparent over-easiness, if you will, (how to serve GREENEGGS?), I quite enjoyed this solve. The triple 11-stacks are all solid. More than solid, really. MADEYOULOOK (15A: Taunt to a head-turner) and LIVEALITTLE (52A: "Have some fun!") are my favorites. And RADIATORS (31D: Cold remedies?) is my favorite of the long Downs.

There's some glue (EES, NOLO, ANAS), and ENOS (22A: Project Mercury primate) is kicking it crosswordese-oldschool style, but that kind of thing is kept to a minimum, and there's really quite a bit of uncommon fill to make up for it. CATHOLIC (48A: Broad in tastes) (lower case) is nice, SINCERE (38D: Not faking it) is good, TRENCH (32D: Depression shared by soldiers) is funny, in a not-funny-at-all-really way... overall, I liked it, but I just thought it was a bit too easy for a Friday.

- Horace


  1. 7:59
    I agree: far too easy for a Friday. Yesterday's puzzle took nearly twice as long! But excellent cluing and answers. Quite enjoyable. And now to dinner in Le Marais.

  2. 19:53
    I agree about the easiness. Were it not for the stacks, this had a Wednesday feel to it. I didn't know the DRAGONs from Harry Potter, and I needed a few crosses for ZYDECO, which saved me from making an error since I'd entered BOor at first where BOZO belongs. Other than that this sailed right along for me. OK clue for NENE (25A Flier not found in 49 states), but since it's such a regular answer, there was no slowdown whatsoever there. Lots of nice cluing, and certainly some great answers, especially in the stacks, but it did run a little fast for a Friday for my tastes.