Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016, Janice Luttrell


A tidy Monday puzzle with a tasty BREAD theme. We have BANKROLL, SEABISCUIT, STUDMUFFIN, and MEATLOAF. It puts me in the mood to make biscuits tonight! As always, I enjoy that the theme uses both Across and Down clues, and the simple revealer sits right in the center. So it's a strong theme.

The entry today is 1A: Smooth-talking (GLIB), which I like. I'll give it a B. The rest of the fill is peppered with interesting entries like GOODEGG (29A: Mensch), SPASM (40D: Jerk), EXALT, FACADE, AXIOMWEASEL (44A: Untrustworthy sort), and CAPSLOCK (50A: KEY USED FOR THIS CLUE) (cute).

Demerits for CFOS (50D: Corp. money managers), OER, and ONAN (17A: Send ____ errand). I've never heard PASTE used for "22A: Artificial jewelry," but the Webster's on my desk has it as the seventh definition ("a, a hard, brilliant glass containing oxide of lead, used in making artificial gems; strass b, such a gem or gems."). I guess I'm just happy they didn't go with "strass."

A fine debut for Ms. Luttrell.

- Horace


  1. 5:04
    But for the want of five seconds.... Anyway, fine Monday. Pia ZADORA, KICKBACK, RUBE, SUESS, WEASEL, HOSER and even STUDMUFFIN are all quality fill. Then we have the aforementioned Mr. MEATLOAF and BANKROLL (which I'd like to have some day), and the great makes up for the mediocre.

  2. 3:55
    The lesson, as always, is to avoid theme answers. I got the first seven across answers without a pause, then got myself messed up when I started to enter SEAttlesle... at 18A. Threw me off rhythm, and I didn't catch back up with my good start. A fine puzzle. HOSER!