Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017, Andrew J. Ries


I love the trivia in "19D: The first one was a modified Ford D-Series truck" (POPEMOBILE). Hah! And PARODYACCOUNT (39A: is hilarious. ("I make onions cry.") But BUYERSREMORSE (35A: New homeowner's feeling, maybe) seems wrong. When we bought our house we were very happy! Isn't everyone? Buyer's remorse comes with impulse buys, doesn't it? Anyway, that's just one little thing. Most of this is great!

RYEWHISKY (36D: George Dickel product) was tricky, because George Dickel is probably the only whiskey maker outside of Scotland who spells it without an "e," and 38D: Some French votes (OUIS) could just as well have been "nons." And I don't know about you, but I was having a hard time coming up with a U.S. president who wrote plays, but I never thought to think of other countries'  presidents (HAVEL).

41A: Updated art? (ARE) made me LOL, even though I've seen that type of thing before. Overall, I really enjoyed this. I'm afraid I'm too tired today to give it the review it deserves, but I hope you liked it too.

- Horace


  1. 22:17
    I loved this one, and it played just about normal for me as far as Friday difficulty goes. ARE did have a great clue, and it made me chuckle, too. Also, I grimaced a bit on the BUYERSREMORSE thing. Oddly, I entered STOLENBASES off of just a couple of crosses even though I'd never heard of Mr. Henderson because it fit and what else could it be? COSANOSTRA is excellent, and I'll bet that Frannie knew BETHMARCH (I needed each and every cross). Interesting trivia on VERNE; I'll be that Horace has eaten there.

    1. Like Colum, I got STOLENBASES off the clue, and although I needed a few crosses, BETHMARCH came quickly, too. And although we have been under the Eiffel Tower many times, I have never even set foot on or into one of its stairways or elevators.

  2. 7:57
    Fast because of the abovementioned STOLENBASES, an entry with no crosses, followed by BUYERSREMORSE off the B. A lot of outstanding entries here, especially POPEMOBILE and COSANOSTRA. So close to each other geographically, and so far apart philosophically. 1D: Bank deposit (PLASMA) was great. I was definitely trying for rivers for a while.