Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017, James Mulhern


Loved it. Loved the grid, loved the start (KICKBALL (1A: Popular playground pastime) (A)), loved the fill, and loved the END (57D: Appropriate answer for this clue). There, I'm done. Now we can head down to Boston Common for the Womens' March!

OK, OK, I'll write AWEEBIT more. And really, it deserves more. How about CATLIKEREFLEXES (3D: They result in very fast response times)? When's the last time you saw that in the NYTX? The answer is never. It's the first time it's been used. METEORIC, PREVAIL, BEETRED, SWISS and BRIE, OEUVRE, LYCEUMKUMBAYA... it's all good.

Jeff Chen, and even Mr. Mulhern himself complained a bit about the blocky black masses in the NW and SE, but honestly, I don't mind them. If that's what it takes to make a puzzle this entertaining, then that's what it takes.

It's said that the editors initially did not want to include KINDEYES (61A: Warm, inviting facial feature) either, but I have absolutely no problem with that.

I suppose, since I'm still writing, that I might as well call out the tricky parts, like EDESSA (20A: City in Central Macedonia) (it's very confusing to have a Republic of Macedonia on its own, and a section of Greece called Central Macedonia lying just to the south, isn't it?), AVA (55D: Seat of Missouri's Douglas County), ANI (23A: Violinist Kavafian) (although I'm guessing these last two were gimmes for some), and the ever-popular-in-crosswords SEGO (46A: Bulbous perennial), but they were crossed fairly, and come on, it's Saturday! No whining!

OK, I'm going to go put on my LAPELPIN and my pink hat and head downtown.


- Horace


  1. 18:18
    Completed with my mother after the NYC Women's march, which was invigorating and inspiring and exhausting. My mother knew ANI. Had a bit of difficulty with 52D: Looped in, in a way (CCED), where I put in aCED. Come to think of it, it's a rare tennis ace which loops in. I think KINDEYES is pretty ad hoc. KTEL and BDAY not that great, but otherwise a tough fun puzzle.

  2. 56:47
    I got bogged down with CCED and TARPONS. I couldn't decide whether 13D should be NOTEVEr or NOTEVEN. When finally I decided on the latter, TARPONS made itself clear. OAXACA needed a few crosses, and I loved that REFRY is in the same corner. Shout out to BALI! WOOHOO! Fair and fun puzzle, and yes, METEORIC is great and unexpected. What, no mention of BIGPAPI?