Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday, July 3, 2018, Christopher Adams


A little red, white, and blue folded into the NATIONALPASTIME to celebrate the nation's birthday. I like all three cities, but I can't help but note that one of them isn't actually in the good ol' U. S. of A. In fact, there's kind of a "Melting Pot" vibe to the whole puzzle, what with ECLAT, ENERO, RAGU, GREEK, OLE, PEDRO, ARP, and PERES. Kind of an international OLIO, if you will. And should we throw in EXPOS (31D: Montreal nine, once)? And EDEN?


There are quite a few baseball-related entries in the fill, like SLIDE, MINOR (27D: ____ leagues), the aforementioned PEDRO, who played for the EXPOS, EJECTED, LOFT(ed one into the outfield), TEES (up on one) ... hmmm ... it seemed like more while I was solving. And I won't even mention 65A, as I take it as a direct assault on all BOSTON REDSOX fans. Or at least those "of a certain age." I held my little red Radio Shack transistor all the way around my route as I delivered the Evening Gazette, only to hear Yaz pop out to end it. GROAN. Why, even in my "post-sports" life, do I still wish things had gone differently back then?

Love CAUSTIC, UPTAKE, ERMINE, ECLAT, and GOODEGG. That's some good bonus material on a Tuesday. And my last square was the E of ISSARAE. The name is completely unknown to me, but I finally figured out EARL (53D: Title below marquess). And you know what? I think I'd take the demotion to get the better title.

Decent Tuesday. Will there be fireworks tomorrow? Stay tuned!

- Horace

p.s. Another debut puzzle today! Congratulations, Mr. Adams.


  1. What a great Canada Day puzzle! Well, one third of a Canada Day puzzle, that is (and two days after Canada Day).

    I liked GOODEGG too but I really wanted "mensch" there (well, not for long, wrong number of letters, but that doesn't change my disappointment that it hasn't been used since 2011 (unlikely to become common, what with all those consonants).

    9:07, a bit fast for me for a Tuesday.

  2. 3:57
    Definitely a fast Tuesday, but that's because the three teams were gimmes, as was NATIONALPASTIME, although I put in "American" first. Fun stuff!

  3. 6:01
    Yes, a bit fast for a Tuesday; more of a Monday time. But very enjoyable, even for a non-sports person like old Huygens, here. How could it miss, starting with CALC (even though it's an abbreviation, and even though I generally prefer the integral calculus to the clued differential calculus)? But don't get me wrong, I love them both. Anyway, no real GROANers here. I mean, except for PRE, if I had to pick one. Excellent debut.

  4. LOL Fear not! The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus connects the integral and differential calculus.

    I'm just here waiting for the July 4 review and comment section to go up. No pressure, except that I might keep posting about math if I have nothing else to do.