Friday, April 22, 2022

Friday, April 22, 2022, Daniel Sheremeta

Horace started the puzzle this morning while I was still looking at Wordle and I suffered a pang of dismay when he announced that he had run through most of the clues and had only the name of a poet to show for it. However, the dread came to nought as I zipped through this fun and fast Friday. I was able to drop in several answers like LIBIDO, MORSE - because what else could it be? - CERBERUS, and, believe it or not, BOGGS. And as I zipped, I very much enjoyed the bonanza of entertaining QMCs and ambiguous C/APs. Here are my favorite funny ones:
"Cheap trick, perhaps" (LIFEHACK) - apt!
"Decreases?" (IRONS) - ha! 
"Biblical figure with a large staff" (MOSES) - LOL.

I also enjoyed the trixy ones like "Drawing method" (LOT), "Regulation followers, for short" (OTS), "Holds up" (LASTS), "Turn" (GOBAD), and "Track, say" (SONG).


I did hit a couple of snags along the way, including trying ONEtoONE where ONEONEONE was wanted ("Dealing directly (with)") and skiING instead of TUBING ("Winter slopes activity") before I finally NAILEDIT.

The two grid-spanning answers BARENECESSITIES and PHOTOSYTHESIZE were nice. Fill-wise I liked word MOSEY and TINGE. On the other hand, call me an OLDSOUL if you want, but I prefer 'knelt' to KNEELED.

IMARET here, dear Readers, for this review is late enough as it is. My work has been getting in the way of me living my best life. I hope to do better tomorrow. See YULES then. 


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