Sunday, April 17, 2022

Sunday, April 17, 2022, Emet Ozar


Happy Easter! 

I always looked forward to the egg hunt at our house. We'd dye hard-boiled eggs a day or two before, then Dad would hide them all over the downstairs rooms. We'd wait on the top of the stairs until given the ok, then run down and scramble around looking under chairs, behind pillows, on the piano... some of the hiding places we had come to expect - like the one that would be placed in a lamp where the bulb had been taken out, or the one on the windowsill behind the curtains... good times. So anyway, this puzzle was right up my alley.

I especially like how the rebusses turn into colored eggs when you solve online, but then they end up looking very strange - L[EGG]OMY[EGG]O (Breakfast brand tagline) for instance, looks kind of like "L0OMY0O." 

A fun thing about a rebus theme is that it essentially gives a puzzle that feels themeless, and you get nice entries like BOOTL[EGG]ER, R[EGG]AEBAND, and K[EGG]ERS without having to tie them together with anything more than shared letters. 

And we also get fun extras like PENCILMOUSTACHE (Apt facial hair for a teacher?), BRAINSTORMS (Things that might get written down on sticky notes), AWORKOFART (Something intricately detailed and impressive). 

I haven't been on an egg hunt in many years, so this was a fun bit of nostalgia. 

It's been another fun week of puzzles. Frannie takes over tomorrow. Happy Puzzling!

- Horace


  1. Easter/Passover greetings to you all! This was a fun and gentle Sunday diversion. No young 'uns around these parts so, no egg hunt - just a bit of gratuitous chocolate and warm fellowship.

  2. Happy Easter and Passover! Philo! I didn't know you needed young 'uns around for the hunt -- too late! :-)

    Thanks for the week, Horace!

    1. Sorry -- make that PHILBO, not "Philo," sheesh! :-)

  3. I too enjoyed the egg hunt puzzle.

    Least fair clue? Maybe the Edward R. Murrow one because it is almost always written as "R." rather than spelled out. Well, I also don't know if I've ever heard of Y[EGG]S outside crossword puzzles but I saw this bit of crosswordese a long time ago and filed it away in my mental etui for future use.

    Most fun clue? Maybe PESTLE just because it is such a fun tool. Well, if you have a morter it is a fun tool, if you just had a pestle, you'd be, well a kitchen gadget short.