Monday, April 4, 2022

Monday, April 4, 2022, Derek J. Angell

What, two blog posts in less than 12 hours? What is going on here? I'll tell you what. After an invigorating weekend of crosswording and a highly encouraging conversation with Mr. Will Shortz, I feel inspired again. Maybe we'll keep on doing this another 10 years!

For Mr. Angell's second published crossword in the NYT, we get a dinosaur themed puzzle, where each one is clued by what its name means when translated from the original Latin or Greek. My all time favorite, TRICERATOPS is the third one. The reason why is that in the Boston Museum of Science, there was a lifesize model of the creature. Sure there was a TREX as well (and it rose up two stories), but the cute "little" guy with the horns and hard bony frill seemed much more friendly.

It used to be inside

This also reminds me of the time when my daughter Phoebe came home from kindergarten, an AVID dinosaur enthusiast, and announced that her third grade reading buddy was okay, but she didn't know how to pronounce "paleontologist."

Some fun fill here, with MRFIXIT and MADONNA. For some reason I misread the clue for "the Queen of Pop" as suggesting that she was "one-eyed" rather than "one-named..."

And how about 71A: A buck or two? (DEER) - hah!

A fine and straightforward Monday puzzle, just how we like 'em.

- Colum


  1. Aside from a little PTSD from seeing PRNDL so soon after Puzzle 5, I liked this one quite a bit. I, too, went through a huge dinosaur-loving phase as a kid, so this was fun.

  2. Same here! Deja vu with the PRNDL! Although, that's not really what "deja vu" is, is it... Upon reviewing, I see not 1, not 2, not 3 but FOUR all-consonant answers. Too bad Mr. Angell couldn't have gotten PTSD in there as well, eh Horace? 2:59 - my Monday happy-place minus one second.

  3. So funny- I didn't even see PRNDL in the corner! Solved it by crosses entirely.

  4. My favorite dinosaur was brontosaurus, although triceratops was a close second. Also, my favorite clue was 71A: A buck or two? (DEER)! - ha!