Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Tuesday, April 19,2022, Olivia Mitra Framke

The puzzle has a striking theme today, featuring, as theme answers, things that can strike/do strike/have struck (?) including BOWLINGBALL, MIDNIGHT, LIGHTNING, EMPLOYEE, and, the one I like best, INSPIRATION

A couple of the more inspired clues were "Get in the game?" (ANTE) and "Place for a fork ... or a jackknife? (ROAD) - ha! I also enjoyed "Wedding guest's partner, say" (PLUSONE). I also liked the pair of pairs: SEA and MOANA, and the Xcellent EXPIATE and EXPEL. Fill-wise my faves were CHUM, DEFT, VELOUR, and MIRAGE. The only thing I found AMISS was TRYNA. It's not as if I don't enjoy SLANG - I am a subscriber to the Urban Dictionary Word a Day, after all - but it seems more like a kludge than a NEWTAKE
I'll conclude with a hopefully vague-enough-to-not-be-a-true-spoiler-alert: today's puzzle contains another NYTX / Wordle crossover event. Whaaaa? I usually do Wordle before I do the puzzle, but I may start switching that up and taking puzzle words as inspiration for my Wordle starter words. Genius!



  1. Ah yes, today's Wordle. I had letters 2, 4 and 5 by guess #2 but it was a double Chasm of Death for the next 4 guesses ---> FAIL

  2. So this puzzle left me wondering why you couldn't name a car after a person's name. I mean, MAXIMe would be a perfectly fine car name right? And why am I not getting the little "finished" bell? Oh, OK, then I remembered the car. Finished with one not-quite-error.

    1. I think it pre-dated her, but the car shares a name with the current queen of the Netherlands! :)