Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday, November 27, 2017, Kevin Christian


In celebration of the MULLET, we get no fewer than six movies (well, nine, if you include the sequels to RAMBO... oh, and there were four LETHALWEAPON movies as well, so that makes, um, twelve?!) squeezed into the grid. Of these movies, clearly DIRTYDANCING is the best, followed by PULPFICTION. CONAIR gets last place, even though it was entertaining. But still, Nic Cage...

All of those theme answers makes for some unfortunate fill. There are a full twenty-three 3-letter answers, out of 78 total. And OHBOY, those include both TOR and CLE, as well as UTA and CPU. But even so, those aren't terrible. I'm more disturbed by EREI and INST (the dreaded abbreviation from an abbreviation).

On the other hand, it is impressive to have both STREETCRED and JUSTINCASE, alongside SCORPION and DOGFIGHT.

The print version had thumbnails of each actor sporting his iconic hairdo, which could not be reproduced in the app. But, just in case you wanted more, I'm pretty sure the DUO of Hall & Oates were known to have similar hairstyles...

- Colum


  1. 6:14 (FWTE) ("Pride goeth,..." eh?)

    Hilarious theme today. I find it surprising that there were thumbnails in the print version. Where did they fit them? Maybe I'll have to dig up a copy somewhere to see....

    Anyway, yeah. Lots of threes. Did you notice, Colum, while you were waltzing through Saturday's puzzle, that there were no threes at all? I don't think I've ever seen that before.

    My errors came at ADEN. I put in OMAN without thinking properly and never went back. Sigh.

    I've had a lot of hairstyles in my day, but I think I have successfully avoided (so far) having a mullet. Frannie? Do you agree?

  2. I solve in print, so is a picture of the print version with miniature mullets.

  3. 6:25
    I'll just add that the movie order as given by Colum is wrong. The correct answer is (1) PULPFICTION, and then who cares? Certainly, though, RAMBOs end up on the bottom because Stallone. I guess I'll also add that OHBOY crosses THELOSTBOYS on the B, which isn't particularly elegant. I thought it a bit on the difficult side for a Monday, though, on balance.