Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday, August 27, 2021, Robyn Weintraub

And suddenly the week looks that much brighter. All it takes is Ms. Weintraub's byline and I'm smiling again.

This puzzle went by super quick, in part because I solved it with the entire fam, everybody contributing as we went along. I knew things would be good in a Weintraubian way with 1A: What takes a licking and keeps on sticking? (STAMP). We were off to the races!

If you were new to our beloved constructor, you'd quickly see her penchant for including fun phrases of an exclamatory nature, such as ANSWERME, BEFOREIFORGET, and best of all, OHISTHATSO

You'd also find a trove of fun answers like 11D: Don't be misled by this (REDHERRING) - thanks, Phoebe for the quick get; or 28D: Tourists' reading (GUIDEBOOKS) - this was one of Hope's. 

How many of us happily put in ROSEgardEn at 27D: View from the Oval Office... only to have to backtrack and replace it with the perfectly correct ROSEBUSHES instead? 


The puzzle suited my family well. For Phoebe, there were the CLEARSKIES for stargazing and BOSONS for the Physics geek. Up Cece's alley was Peter Paul RUBENS and TOAD from Mario. I enjoyed COSI (as in Mozart), and 6A: Bars that close (CODA). And Hope has been known to take a LEEK in her soup. Wait, that didn't come out right.

I'd just also like to point out the lovely pair of clues and answers at 33D: Make a turnover, say (BAKES), and 34D: Turnovers, e.g. (STAT). Perfect when they're right next to each other.

The only things to take away from the delight were SACS and crosswordese OENO

- Colum


  1. HI all! Back from vacay! Did you all miss me? Super refreshed and recharged and consequently, smashed this one in 5:20, a new Friday low for me. I'm starting to "get" the individual setters, and I agree with you Colum, Robyn W has a whimsy to her cluing that really appeals to me. I had MESONS instead of BOSONS, which was a minor hiccup. Oh and of course, yes, ROSEGARDEN too. :)

    1. Hi Philbo, welcome back! Incredible Friday time!

  2. Yes, ROSEgarden was in my grid for a very long time... but still, another fun one from Ms. Weintraub.