Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tuesday, August 10, 2021, Anne Grae Martin

I've never heard the term HENBERRIES (Eggs, in diner slang) before, and honestly, I'm a little sorry to have heard it now. But it was necessary, I guess, to have four items that could follow LITTLERED. The full set is Mao's "Little Red Book," the storied Little Red Hen, the iconic Little Red Schoolhouse, and the classic Little Red Wagon. Too bad "Corvette" couldn't have been worked in somehow. Maybe with that Mark Hamill classic, "Corvette Summer." :)

ISUZU river

Anyway, the fill didn't thrill today. HAGAR ("Horrible" comics Viking) was interesting to see, though, because last week, one of my brothers brought to the family vacation house over 100 "H├Ągar the Horrible" strips for review. We were supposed to write our initials on the back if we found it funny. I think I initialled less than 25%. 

Radio RAHEEM and NEO are getting kind of old now, and Marco RUBIO and GASX just bring to mind politics, which is rarely a good thing.... TUDES, SPEX, PLINK ... not a ton that elicited WOWS

It's a debut, and I congratulate Ms. Martin on the creation and acceptance, but maybe I'm just too drained from working through the work INBOX yesterday to fully appreciate it. Hopefully, I'll be back on my GAME tomorrow.

- Horace


  1. Ditto on HEN BERRIES. Never heard of it, and I still haven't heard of it. Read the clue wrong for LEFT -- thought it was "Exited." So, FIW.

    1. Me too, Kelly. I read "excited" and couldn't come up with anything. And that racing game was no help.

      Happily, there's another puzzle coming tomorrow! :)

  2. That's three of us! (Four with Phoebe). I was convinced it was "excited". But couldn't we have come up with something else that starts with "hen?"

  3. Hmm. I'm kinda with you all, except I didn't trip up on 'exited'. HENBERRIES materialized out of the crossers and I thought, "oh, ok I guess". Didn't mind this one; I always feel like props need to be given for thinking up themes like this...a decent 4:14 today