Friday, August 6, 2021

Friday, August 6, 2021, Seth A. Abel

Our last full day of vacation before making the long trek up the Eastern Seaboard back to Albany has been another lovely day, so I suppose that means that one shouldn’t put too much stock in the predictive value of Monday crossword puzzles.

Today’s themeless is anchored by a grid of six 15-letter answers, so you know what that means: time to rank them in order of my least to most favorite. Since I’m writing the blog, I get to decide that order. Your opinions still matter; however, they will be relegated to the comments section.

6. HERESWHATIFOUND: Siri’s announcement invariably leads to disappointment, in my opinion. Google is much stronger.

5. ANIMALHUSBANDRY: a dry term is enlivened, in my memory, by Tom Lehrer, who in one of his long intros to a song of his, spoke of an old friend who “used to practice animal husbandry, until they caught him at it one day.”

4. ONEWAYORANOTHER: A fine song from my childhood. Hard to believe it’s 43 years old.

3. ASTHICKASABRICK: Another fine song from my childhood, by Jethro Tull. Hard to believe it’s 49 years old.

2. IMEANITTHISTIME: Made even better by the fine clue - “Threat that’s hard to take seriously.”

1. LAHDIFRICKINDAH: Clearly the best of the lot, but not by a ton. It’s a good selection of answers.

The rest of the puzzle is strong as well. I’m fond of MANGANESE, which can cause nasty brain degenerative syndromes. Perhaps “fond” is a poor choice of word. It resonates with me professionally. Also, the stirrup, or stapes BONES are found in the inner ear.

- Colum

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  1. I liked LAHDIFRICKINDAH as it reminds me of Matt Foley, one of the funniest things I've ever seen on SNL......