Saturday, August 21, 2021

Saturday, August 21, 2021, Joseph Greenbaum

I finished in a relatively fast time for a Saturday puzzle for this solver (21:05). If I had to guess the reason, I'd say that the clues were easier than usual. :) Some were definitely in my wheelhouse - the two French clues ("Couleur du brocoli" (VERT) and "Opposite of la" (ICI)), par example. However, the grid was also FULLOFSURPRISES in the form of many things of which I am not familiar including BURPEES, OREILLY (not so giant that I've heard of them!), AEROGEL, and AUTOPIA

I thought ELEVATORPITCH was a high point and I'm a big fan of RENEWABLEENERGY. I'd also like to send a shout out to dear reader englishteacher59, a devoted practitioner of the LOSTART of letter writing. :)

I enjoyed the contrast between the formal sounding clue "Defer for now" and the answer PUNT. I liked ONES for "Low notes" and GAGREEL for "A comedy of errors." My favorite C/AP - for obvious reasons, perhaps - was "Apt bingo call to lose on, by the sound of it?" BTEN - apt indeed!

I don't think of an EWER as fancy, but maybe it has come down the world. I think lanyard attachments are more commonly ID cards rather than IDTAGS, but maybe that's a reflection of my own personal experience. I thought ELEV for "K2 fig." was a low point, along with "Drip locale: Abbr." (HOSP), and "Special times" (ERAS).
To sum up, some strong clues and fun fill - more ERRATIC than EPOCHAL.


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