Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Tuesday, August 17, 2021, Ruth Bloomfield Margolin

Today's theme features a variety of dips: four down answers are things normally dipped into the Across answers they cross. To take a seasonally appropriate example, TOE takes the plunge into SWIMMINGPOOL. The one I relished the most was BREAD dunked into CHEESEFONDUE. Mmmm, cheese fondue...

Other fun clues to sink one's teeth into included the riddle-like clue "Blades that don't cut ... but that are themselves cut" (GRASS) and "Drains" for SAPS. "Flat fee?" (RENT) is cute, while  "Score keeper" for MUSICSTAND is mildly amusing. I also liked the clue "Hi, in HI" (ALOHA). When reviewing the completed puzzle I enjoyed ELATE followed by DUPE. MAW is a vividly evocative word. SYNOD is fun, although probably not lit'rally.


I experienced a dip of a different sort with "Levelheaded" for SANE. Not that they aren't marginally synonomic, but I don't particularly equate the two. I thought BOO for "'That's not fair'" was a bit odd, but thought later that maybe it works in the context of a sporting event - although 'boo' seems rather on the tame side if the games I've attended recently are any indication.



  1. OK theme for a Tuesday, I guess. Interesting take on "Levelheaded" and SANE. I agree that those words aren't really synonyms. However, in modern usage, their negatives are. "Man, Bobby really goes insane when his team gives up a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter." This puzzle exposed a couple gaps in my knowledge: First, I would have been eliminated from a spelling bee if, prior to this solve, I had been given the word PARAFFIN. Also, I would not have connected chicken MARSALA with a wine. Next thing you're going to tell me is that tetrazzini is a wine too, I suppose. Fortunately, the wine connection ignorance has never embarrassed me in a restaurant. Do you think all restaurants always use MARSALA wine in chicken marsala recipes? Finally, I thought the STIRRED clue came close to loveliness, but didn't quite achieve it. The commas aren't right, unless there are other things ruined by stirring, per 007. Shouldn't the clue have read, "Ruined a martini, per 007"??

    1. Totally agree about the 007 clue. The way they've comma-tized it, you'd think stirring could ruin lots of things, and not just for 007.

      And on a personal note, I always stir my Martinis. Except when I don't have the right glass. Or stirrer. And I do have a shaker. But you know what? It still tastes fine.