Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Wednesday, August 4, 2021, Brandon Koppy

The predicted weather from Monday’s puzzle hit us today, so it was a shopping day and a resting day and an Olympics watching day (I recommend highly that you watch the Artistic Swimming winning athletes from Russia - we used to call it synchronized swimming). 

Today’s puzzle would have fit in except for nobody’s going to the movies nowadays. Or maybe people are but I’m not. The revealer is FILMSPLICING, and the theme answers are standard phrases that are also two movie titles sequentially. MONSTERMASH is very good, as is RUSHHOURTRAFFIC, but my favorite has to be CONTACTUS.

I love the type of clue we see at 42A: It was cool in the ‘90s (PHAT). The referent from that initial preposition is the answer word: that is to say, we used to say “phat” for “cool.” Or once again, I should refine my use of the word “we.” I don’t think I’ve ever said “phat.” 

The clue at 18D is painful to two fan bases, but was a lovely thing to see in New England in 2019.

I suppose I don’t have much more to say about this puzzle, but I enjoyed it in solving. Perhaps this one could have been Tuesday’s puzzle, as I solved it more quickly than yesterday’s.

- Colum

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